Automated Information Processing Lab


Johanna Vivera Mantos received the B.S. degree in Computer Engineering in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM).


  • A Hardware/Software Framework for MIMO-OFDM Waveform Design for Underwater Acoustic Communications:

    My research presents a new hardware/software co-design framework for the analysis, synthesis, modeling, and simulation of sounding signals used in the characterization of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication systems whose channels are randomly time-varying systems, exhibiting time delay fading and Doppler frequency spreading. These systems are characterized as time-frequency channels and they are used to model the doubly dispersive nature of underwater acoustic communications channels.

    The digital signal processing unit deals with the generation of diverse waveform patterns for communication signal processing tasks such as interference signal evaluation, pilot and chirp sounding signal transmission, and orthogonal signal constellation validation when modeling underwater acoustic MIMO-OFDM channels. This functionality is accomplished through the development of a specialized digital floating-point signal processing library with multirate processing capabilities for acoustic signal processing operations. It is expected for the proposed framework to be able to work in real time simulation settings, addressing acoustic signal transmission and reception issues.

    Framework Image