Automated Information Processing Lab


Edwin Anaya Almeida received his Bachelor degree in System (Computer) Engineering from Industrial University of Santander, Santander, Colombia in 2007. He received his Specialization in Telecommunications from Industrial University of Santander, Santander, Colombia, in 2011. He is currently a M.S. student in Automated Information Processing Laboratory, Research and Development Center, Puerto Rico University at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. He is pursuing his M.S. degree under the supervision of Dr. Domingo Rodríguez.


  • A Kronecker signal algebra framework for modeling lineal discrete MIMO operator systems:

    The issue presented in this research is the efficient signals processing emitted by multiple transmitters through medium of communication modeled as a system or operator with multiple inputs and multiple outputs (MIMO). Formally, is desired and recently the following operation:

  • Time-Frequency Channel Functions


  • D. Rodriguez , C. Aceros, J. Valera and E. Anaya

    A Framework for Multiple Object Tracking in Underwater Acoustic MIMO Communication Channels- MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute).